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Nice to meet you!

I’m Stefanie Winkelmann, the person behind simplixite.

I have one of those classic, crooked CVs that is the perfect fit in the end.

My career started with software development. At the „IT Akademie Bayern“, I participated in then brand-new training as a junior IT professional, focusing on Internet Application Development. Don’t worry, you have already overcome the most complicated terms. Unfortunately, as innovative and comprehensive as the training was, it was not until shortly before my exam that I learned that the official certification had been rejected. So although I passed all exams, I did not receive an official stamp from the International Chamber of Commerce and the training basically became worthless. Despite that, I landed a job in the customer support department of a domain provider, where I could use both my programming and project management skills.

After careful consideration, a professional career without a „decent“ certificate was too risky for me. At the time, however, I had already caught fire for customer service. So I moved my work with the domain provider as far as possible to my home office and at the same time studied media and communication at the University of Augsburg. The course of studies consists of computer science for media, communication science, and media pedagogy.

Now I finally had my proper certificate. In addition, I have not only expanded my IT knowledge, but also my skills in regard to knowledge management and project management which I implemented directly in my work.

In the meantime, my focus has shifted completely from programming toward customer support and customer experience management. My technical background helps me break down complicated issues into easy to digest bits, especially in the IT area. Communication science has taught me to prepare these issues specifically for groups with different levels of knowledge. Methods from media pedagogy and project management ensure that project staff and customers are informed optimally at all times and that the project is successfully completed. With over ten years of experience in support, I have the necessary tools to create positive customer experiences.

Sounds like a match? Then check out the services I offer.